Aerial Pilates


This type of training is based on the classic technique of Pilates Mat performed on a swing
specially designed to perform movements in different planes. Thanks to the versatility of
this instrument we can do an intense work as the body is constantly exercising against the
force of gravity and at the same time facilitates the realization of key exercises that are
very hard on the mat. It is a wonderful assistant for the movement while challenging
coordination and balance. The benefits are the same as a Pilates Mat session where the
training of the deep muscles is essential but also adding that of the superficial muscles,
coordination, balance and flexibility. These sessions can be done by beginners and for
those who already practice Pilates and want to go one step further.
Are you tired / bored of performing Pilates Suelo but do not want to give up the practice
because of the numerous benefits of it?
Would you like to experience and discover new sensations in your body practicing Pilates?

If you answered “YES” to one of these questions, this activity is for you.



Posted on

12 May, 2019