Garuda Method

In Indian mythology Garuda is a large bird that changes its shape according to its function. Thus, the name of the activity describes with success this new system of exercise, unique in versatility, flexibility and precision of movements. Embracing the principles of Pilates, breathing and yoga asanas, fluency and athleticism of dance, Garuda is a first in the world of fitness in the 21st century. Where Pilates ends, Garuda begins. Work the body map from the myofascial lines. Holistic, organic, dynamic, Garuda is the hybrid that is revolutionizing our way of doing exercise. All exercises are systematically designed to focus your mind and concentration, while your body lengthens, strengthens and flexes in a totally new way. “Strength comes from expanding from the center to the outside”

Would you like to practice Pilates and Yoga from another point of view and experience new sensations in your body and mind?


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12 May, 2019