The Loft Ibiza

Pilates & Fitness

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

Integral Training

Combining the Pilates technique with the latest trends in the Fittness sector

Move with your mind

Reduced groups and private trainings


Fitness is the first requirement for happiness


Change occurs through movement and movement heals


Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.

Health and Mind

Health is a relationship between you and your body

Exercise is medicine.




Cardiovascular and metabolic training sessions, Pilates, Yoga, Total Barre, Aerial Pilates and stretching


Mind-body synergy. It’s all the same pack and we work on it in an integral way


Personal training adapted to your individual needs


Seminars and classes thought of just for you. Mind and body working together on a magical island

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Small groups and personalized attention

 Reformer Pilates, Functional Training, Strength, Mobility, Total Barre and Aeropilates.

Pilates Reformer

Stretch, strengthen and reeducate your body through movements controlled by your bodymind connection, which will help you correct postures or relieve neck and back pain.

Total Barre

Sessions that combine the technique of classical dance, pilates and yoga in fitness version.

Sumamos el factor naturaleza/bienestar a tus entrenamientos

Functional Training

Mixed cardiovascular and strength work. These sessions improve physical performance, coordination, agility and generate a greater expenditure of calories.


The “swing” is the star element. Based on the Pilates technique, in these sessions we increase the work of balance, proprioception and basic strength in partial or complete suspensions


This activity has 3 main training-goals which are all closely interrelated, and acquired simultaneously:
Joint strength
Body control

Sumamos el factor naturaleza/bienestar a tus entrenamientos

HIIT Boxing

High intensity interval training where the technique of boxing and kick boxing is used as a tool to achieve the objectives. The main objectives are cardiovascular improvement, strength and coordination, as well as the release of stress.


Workshops and masterclasses of different techniques aimed at professionals of physical activity and for those who want to enhance their knowledge

Sumamos el factor naturaleza/bienestar a tus entrenamientos


In these sessions we combine free weight exercises with calisthenic exercises (body weight) looking to improve strength levels, endurance and increase our metabolism. 

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What is The Loft Ibiza?

What is The Loft Ibiza? The Loft Ibiza, (Pilates & Fitness), your Gym Boutique in Ibiza. You will enjoy a high technical quality of the teachers, a very close attention and a personalized work for the specific needs of each client. In this company the client will feel part of a club of physical exercise and health.