Pilates is a method of physical exercise and movement designed to stretch, strengthen
and rebalance the body. It is a series of movements controlled by body and mind, in which
we work the deep muscles to correct our posture, relieve back and neck pains, improve
our mobility, achieve an elongated musculature and a flat belly.
There are different Pilates schools worldwide, The Loft Ibiza uses the Stott Pilates®
technique. The main difference between this and others lies in the adaptation of modern
biomechanical principles to exercise, with special emphasis on the rehabilitation of the
spine. The Pilates sessions will be held in our Reformer V2max of the brand Stott
Pilates®, in “swings” specially designed for that purpose and on the Mat.
The Loft Ibiza offers different modalities for practicing Pilates. Which one suits you the

Therapeutic Pilates or Rehabilitation

This type of training and treatment is aimed at those people who suffer or have recently
suffered some type of injury and who coexist with pain. The main objective of this type of
training is to eliminate or, at least, reduce that pain.
It is also aimed at people over 50-55 years old with limited physical abilities due to
sedentary lifestyle or illness. We differentiate the following groups:

  • Pilates Rehabilitation: exercises based on the principles of the Pilates method, used as a
    direct treatment on a specific injury. Aimed at people who currently suffer an injury and
    want to treat it with movement. Within this group, as the most common injury, we find back
    pain (cervical, dorsal or lumbar). According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 80%
    of the population will suffer back pain at some point throughout their lives. 8 out of 10
    people. We are doing something wrong…
  • Pilates Re-adaptation: exercises based on the principles of the Pilates method, used to
    reinforce the treatment previously performed by a health professional such as
    physiotherapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, etc. That is, the Pilates method is used as a point
    of union between the “treatment on a stretcher” and the return of the person to daily life
    (both sporting and professional) prior to the injury.
  • Therapeutic Pilates: exercises based on the principles of the Pilates method, used to
    improve the basic physical qualities of those over 50-55 years old who have limited
    physical conditions due to sedentary lifestyle or illness.

Pilates Cardio-fit

This type of training is aimed at those who start in Pilates practice or for those who want to
go one step further in practice. In these sessions we use the repertoire of Stott Pilates®
exercises carried out in the Reformer, adding the cardiovascular component, which makes
the sessions more complete and is done with music and small choreographies of


Posted on

12 May, 2019