Total Barre

These classes were born in Los Angeles, where they have been a massive success for
more than a decade, little by little they are being introduced in Europe. They are workouts
that combine the technique of classical dance, pilates and yoga in a fitness version. They
have a high cardiovascular component and are made with music through choreography
performed with the ballet bar and on the floor. The choreography will be worked on for a
full month adding new challenges every week. In these sessions we use small equipment
such as ankles tubing, toning balls and mini stability balls. The basic biomechanical
principles of this technique are the same as those of Stott Pilates®, so you will enjoy a
progressive and logical work.

• Do you want to lengthen and strengthen your whole body to the rhythm of music?
• Do you want to stylize your legs?
• Do you want to improve your general physical condition in a fun and entertaining way?

If you answered “YES” to one of these questions, this activity is for you.


Posted on

12 May, 2019