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Power Strength

¿Want to take your training to the next level and train like a high performance

Strength training is vital but if you want to train like an athlete, ‘power' training is the way to
go. It’s easy to think of strength and power as the same, but power training focuses less
on how much resistance you can move and more on how fast you can move it.

¿What is ‘power’?

‘Power’ is the ability to move or overcome resistance quickly. Instead of fighting to slowly
come up from the bottom of a heavy squat (a strength-focused exercise), for power
training, you would reduce the load slightly and explode upward as quickly as you can.

Benefits of ‘Power Training’

Power training targets the fast-twitch muscle fibers, the ones that are dominant during
explosive movements like sprinting and jumping, and the ones we lose as we age, and
that we loose at a very high rate after 40 years of age.
Simply put, ‘Power’ training helps you get faster and more powerful, enhancing your
overall movement potential.


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